6 Star Energy Water Purifier

Say Goodbye to Unsafe Drinking Water
With This Handy Water Purification Solution

How would you love the thought of drinking 100% pure and clean water when you need it?

How’d you like the idea of supplying your loved ones and yourself
with purified water & its total goodness?

And how about not having to buy bottled water or mineral water in which purity and quality
you aren’t sure about or flavored water in which chemicals are added?

Finally, how cool would that be to drink alkaline water anytime, anywhere – with only one innovation product – the 6Star Energy Water Purifier?

The 6 Star Portable Energy Water Purifier is the only product you need, if you’re a health conscious individual who only wants the best for your family’s health.

People are concern about the quality of water directly from tap although it is safe to drink and they still install water filtration system at home is so common nowadays.

While we don’t discredit the benefit of having a water purification system at home, and in fact, we know it is important to ensure clean water, we also recognize that we rely a lot on buying clean bottled water when we are outside like camping, working out, picnicking and engaging in other activities.



Sometimes reaching for a clean glass of water is IMPOSSIBLE! Simply it is because we cannot take a bulky water purifier anywhere. Now that’s where our “6 Star Portable Energy Water Purifier” becomes handy.

6Star Energy Water PurifierDimension:-  10.5(L) x 1.80 (W) centimeters

You can take it with you going to these places!
– Marathons
– Picnics
– Gyms
– Restaurants
– Offices
– Seminars
– Conferences
– Parks
– Riverside
– Mountains
– Caves
– Beaches

Or when,

– Working out
– Dining out
– Picnicking
– Hiking
– Caving
– Traveling
– Attending a meeting
– Working
– And so many more



How many times do you need to buy bottled water for the fear of drinking tap water water when you are outside or in restaurants?

That’s like throwing money straight down the drain! But with a one-time investment on our portable water purifier, you can say goodbye to never ending purchase of bottled water, not to mention that its plastic bottles are loaded with chemicals.

6Star Energy Water PurifierGrab the 6 Star Energy Water Purifier
Promo Price SGD$149/-



The 6 Star Energy Water Purifier is made with durable materials, better than any cheap materials to find in other products in the same category. Plus, you can use it for up to five years!
Solid with its porcelain outer cover
3-5 years shelf life
Made in Singapore – known for its technology especially on matters health

Anytime, anywhere, you can use it and purify water when you’re outdoors and cannot reach for your home’s water purification system for a clean glass of water.

What makes 6 Star purifier more portable is that it can fit in almost any bottles – to provide you with clean, pure water in the car, in the restaurant, at the gym or virtually almost anywhere – even in the cave!


Health Is Wealth!

And what else is more important than health? Just think of the hefty cost of doctor’s visits, medications and laboratories these days. If you’d have to deal with these things frequently in a year, you can just do the math and discover the thousands of dollars you’d have to spend – money that you could have spent
for other important expenses or perhaps a VACATION.

This purifier can change water’s pH level from pH6.3 acidic to pH8.5 alkaline water and breaks water into small molecules so that the body can absorb it quickly, regulates the body’s pH level and enhances immunity against diseases..

More benefits…
– Remove chlorine and chlorine smell from water
– Reduce risk of cancer
– Neutralizes acid in the bloodstream
– Negative ion energy activate body cells
– Balance body physiological electron
– Anti-oxidation
– Enhance immune system
– Turn acidic drinking water into weak alkaline water
– small molecules water permeates cells more effectively
– Anti-radiation
– Boosts metabolism (weight loss)
– Helps prevent disease
– Slows down aging
– Increase essential minerals and trace elements


Other Usages

  • Cooking rice, preparing porridge or boiling soup – its slightly sweet taste can enhance your dishes. It can also bring out the nutrients from food.
  • Cleaning meat and seafood – water purified with it removes any residual heavy metals and other impurities from these foods, as well as eliminate preservatives, anti-growth hormones and bad smell. It can also make your meat tastier.
  • Washing fruits and vegetables in order to get rid of nitrates and heavy metals, making them safer for consumption and extending their shelf life.
  • Spraying or washing face to lighten skin tone, prevent acne and keep skin smooth, elastic and glowing as well as clear out pres, pollutants & dusts.
  • Enhancing blood circulation & eliminating fatigue and insomnia.

The tube can process up to two liters of water each soak of up to 5 minutes.  How much does your health cost?  If you consider it priceless, then spending SGD$149 won’t be too much – it’s just like ordering food in a restaurant or buying a new pair of shoes.

And if you’d look into the benefits,
Clean, Alkaline Water
Sure Investment
Plenty of Uses
Along with more benefits you’d discover while using it…

…you’ll get peace of mind – that will make the right decision – not only for health but also for saving money, time and effort when looking for clean and safe water to drink.

Order 6Star Energy Water Purifier Today Delivered to your Home or Office!
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6Star Energy Water Purifier  6Star Energy Water Purifier

Size: 10.5cm long x 1.80cm wide
Material Outer Cover: Porcelain
Shelf Life: 3-5 years
Made in Singapore Product

Promo Price Now SGD149

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