6 Star Energy Water Purifier

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6 Star Portable Energy Water Purifier Anytime, Anywhere You Go!

As clean water enthusiasts, we are concerned about the water we drink. Many Singaporeans have water filtering machines installed at home, but what about having clean and safe water to drink anytime and anywhere outside of home? From outdoor activities to traveling around the world or even on your daily commute to work, one of the best way to achieve this is to get a reliable water purifier.

This is first of its kind a unique portable water purifier that is uniquely designed to fit any bottle to provide clean and fresh water on the go. It is small and lightweight so it can be conveniently carried with you. Ideal for use in your personal water bottle, bottled mineral water, or any plastic bottle to purify water straight from the tap. You can reduce chlorine presence in the tap water and even energized your bottled mineral water.


Why Choose 6 Star Energy Water Purifier Over Buying Bottled Mineral Water

If you think that bottled water is better and safer to drink then you need to think again.  For convenience most of us buy bottled water thinking that it is safer and best option.  Wait till you see this SHOCKING video on some of the top brands of bottled water tested for pH. You will definitely consider getting the 6 Star Water Purifier tube and keep it with you wherever you are or when you travel.

6 Star Energy Water Purifier Turns Acidic Water to Alkaline Water Anytime 24/7.

Besides it also has external usage (Click here for more) that is truly beneficial to anyone from all walks of life. 6 Star Anion Energy Health Tube works perfectly for everyone because of its lightweight and portable built.

6 Star benefits6 Star Energy Water Purifier tube changes water from slightly acidic (pH of 6.3) to pH 8.5 alkaline water. Apart from that, it also breaks down the water into smaller molecules to be easily absorbed by the body, enabling a regulation of pH balance in our body, enhancing our immunity towards diseases by promoting our metabolism and stimulation of our cell activity.

5 minutes is all you need to soak it in your water bottle or simply by placing the tube at the center of a water container. Each tube can process up to 3-4 liters of water each time, soak for 10 minutes. During travel, simply drop the tube into drinking bottle or cup for 5 minutes. If not in use, keep it in a dry airy place or dry it under the sun.

For Other Daily Usage

6Star Multi-Purpose Usage

1.  Use the water for daily consumption. The slightly sweet and tasty water can be used to wash rice, cook rice, prepare porridge, and boil soup. It enhances the flavors and brings out the nutrients.

2. Use the water to wash fruit and vegetables to remove residual heavy metal and nitrates, make it safer for consumption, enhances nutritional value and extend shelf life.

3. Use the water to clean seafood and meat. The water reduces residual heavy metal, antibiotics growth hormones and preservatives, removes the smell of meat, and makes the meat sweet and tender.

4. Use the water to wash or spray face. It helps to lighten skin pigmentation, clears out blocked pores, dusts pollutants, prevents acne and keeps the skin smooth, bright and elastic.

5. Heat the water to a temperature of 40-45 degree C for foot bath. It removes foot odor, enhances blood circulation, eliminates fatigue and relieves insomnia.


6Star Energy Water Purifier  6Star Energy Water Purifier


Size: 10.5cm long x 1.80cm wide
Material Outer Cover: Porcelain
Shelf Life: 3-5 years
Made in Singapore Product

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