External Usage

When the health tube is being used for the first time, please wash with water for a few time and discard the water. (For EXTERNAL USAGE, do not wash, use directly. Best to keep it dry.)

If not in use, keep it in a dry airy place. Dry it under the sun every week for 1 hour, it will extend the usage time of the tube.

Energy within 15cm

Energy released by Six Star Anion Energy Health Tube is able to permeate any substance of up to 15cm. Emitted energy is fully consistent with the resonance and frequency of natural energy field.

6Star for body1. Placed near abdomen, it has therapeutic effect on digestive system, genitourinary system, prostate, uterus and other organs improves sexual performance. Place near the chest can enhance heart and lung functions, activates breast cells with beautification effect.

computer2. Placed beside computers, mobile phones can reduce electromagnetic waves and act as anti-radiation.


aid insomnia3. Placed under the pillow to improve sleep quality and relieve insomnia.


cigarettes4. Placed next to cigarettes 3 minutes to reduce nicotine dependence and the harmful effect of cigarettes.


liquors5. Placed next to liquor 10 minutes helps to make the liquor mellow, reduce damage to liver and hangover effect.


coffee6. Placed next to coffee or juice drink for 5 minutes to remove the bitter taste, enhance the flavor.


fruit and vegetables7. Placed beside fruits and vegetables, it taste more delicious and refreshing.


fruits & vegetables8. Placed in the refrigerator to ionize the air, removing stench smells and better food preservation.


cosmetics9. Placed beside cosmetics to breakdown large molecules into smaller molecules, allow the active ingredients to be easily absorbed into the skin.


knee pain10. Placed on pain spot or any part of body to relieve pain.

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