How It Works?

6 Star Anion Energy Health Tube is new on the local market. It is invented and patented in Singapore. It is a Made in Singapore product. Not only you can use it to turn acidic water to alkaline water in minutes, there are other various FUNCTIONS as follow:


energy logoPlace the tube on the body, the unique energy can block harmful electromagnetic waves and radiation. It acts as a protection charm for cell phone users, computer users, air service personnel and aircraft passengers. It enhances blood circulation, awakening cells, activating dormant cells, with beautification effect.


negative ionsReplenish anions within the body, neutralize the harmful ‘oxygen radicals’ to achieve anti-oxidation. Anions are vitamins in the air.



Small Molecules Water
small molecule waterRearrange disorganized and degraded water into small molecules water. This good quality water is most suitable for human cells (or life body).

It permeates cells more effectively, carrying oxgen and nutrients into the cells and excrete toxic metabolic waste from the body.


no chlorineRemove residual chlorine and chlorine smell from the water, reduce risk of getting cancer and miscarriage.


mineralsIncrease essential minerals and trace elements, delaying aging, enhancing physical vitality.

SGS water test analysis report shows the treated water complies with WHO guideline values for drinking water.


Weak Alkaline Water
acidic alkalineTurn acidic drinking water into slight alkaline water to enhance body pH balance. Acidic body is the source of all diseases.

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