Tap Water Contaminants to Shock You

There are three known standards to make clean water in the cities:
1) the streams, lakes and reservoirs should be out of pollution;
2) pipes have to be kept clean and free from garbage; and
3) updated and well-maintained water facilities must be in position.

They are all important to ensure that there will be clean water to be supplied into homes from the sources. Tap water, in this modern time, is unsafe due to high level of pollution, poor sewage systems and overpopulation, among other factors. In addition, these standards mentioned above are not at all met in most cities from around the world. So what now?

Contaminant in Tap Water

Having all of these said about water systems of today, you could picture by now how much contaminant you take in a glass of water you drink from the faucet. In this case, you might want to do something to improve the quality of water your family is drinking. If not, you could be harboring to a million of toxins to accumulate in your body for many years in which later you would suffer from the diseases they could cause you.

–  Lead enters the water supply from the plumbing fixtures and pipes’ corrosion. Accumulation of lead in the body would cause BRAIN DAMAGE, especially among the unborn.  If you were an expecting mother, avoid tap water at all cost,  but opt for filtered alkaline water for your consumption if you want to prevent your baby from developing major damage while even still in your womb.
–  Chlorine treatment in tap water might lead to reproductive problems and cancer. Some of these chemicals contained in tap or faucet water are haloacetic and trihalomethanes acids. If you want to avoid such, you may start looking for a healthier alternative water other than taking tap water. It might help if you would go for alkaline water, which is generally safe and is pure from impurities especially if you would use a filtration system that makes use of the reverse osmosis method. Now there are portable water filters to buy online.
–  Arsenic is also found in tap water, known to cause birth defects, reproductive issues and skin problems.
–  Radon is known to cause cancer and the same is found on faucet water, too.
–  Bacteria and pathogens can make you sick, no question on that, as such could cause disruption in your bodily functions not mentioning that they also weaken your immune system, especially among seniors and children.

Contaminants such as the ones mentioned above are what to avoid if you want to drink safe water and the only way to do that is to avoid consuming faucet water, as its sources are unsafe, too. To sum it up, you should not rely on city water sources to drink; instead, you have to do something to filter it. To do that, you should make use of a water filtration system, and one of the most convenient ones is the unique 6 Star Anion Energy Health Tube.


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