Three Ways to Make Tap Water SAFE

alkaline_water_benefitsYou might have heard of the plenty of dangers involved in drinking tap water as well as with the unhealthy consequences of consuming such on a regular basis. The next question now is to how to make drinking water safe because this is something very challenging to achieve at this time when almost all water sources are contaminated with chemicals, garbage and oil, among other waste products, although most tap water undergoes treatment.

Ways to Make Water Safe for Drinking


Fill a pot with faucet water, and turn on your stove on high temperature settings. The bacteria present in tap water will be killed due to extreme hot temperature lessening your chances of acquiring sickness from drinking tap water.

Bring water to a boil, and then on to a rolling, hard boil. By this time, you should start timing the boil and keep it on up to ten minutes. Using this process, you will be able to kill the bacteria and purify the water you’re drinking.

Using Purification Tablets

Today, there are available purification drops or tablets to help you in purifying water to drink. However, make sure you are buying from a reputable source so that you could ensure you are buying genuine iodine tables. Take note that this method does not bring you good-tasting water, though; in fact, it might result to bitter tasting water in your mouth.  There is also chlorine tablets that work the same killing bacteria present in the water.  This is typically used by campers who don’t have access to tap but only to forest water, found in springs and lakes. Remember that you should not use iodine tables if you were pregnant or a woman of over 50 years of age or someone with thyroid disorder.

Put the tablet in the water or drop a couple of iodine drops, if you’re using iodine. Generally, it is advised of using a tablet in every liter of water.  Before doing so, you might want to check the expiration date of the product you’re using for safety.  Mix the dissolve tablets in the water, until they’re gone. Take note though that they may not work best if you were using very cold water.

Therefore, you might want to wait for at least one hour if the water is 4 degrees Celsius. Alternatively, you can warm the water in the sun before dissolving the tablets if you have enough time.  To minimize the strange water taste, you may want to add in lime or lemon into it.

Using Portable Filtration System6_star_anion_energy_health_tube

This is one of the most popular and yet also one of the most effective. One product that works for many is the 6 Star Anion Energy Health Tube. It works wonders by filtering water using the reverse osmosis system while keeping the water’s correct pH level helping you keep the best health possible.

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