Types of Water and Which Is Right for You: The TRUTH

pure_water_for_whole_familyBecause there are many types of water out there for your consumption, it’s normal to become confused and stressed at the same time on which of them works just right for you and your family. It is also normal to find yourself in the middle of confusion to thinking about the dangers of bottled water and tap water, too.  This page is especially created to end up your confusion in selecting the right type of water.

Water Keeps You Away from Dehydration

Chronic dehydration is said to be one of the most silent killers in the world, as you might not be noticing how your body is drying for water to quench its thirst, along with the millions of cells you have. Some symptoms of dehydration include digestive disorders, including constipation and heartburn, premature aging, weight gain, high blood cholesterol and urinary tract infections, among others.  Based on recent studies, it also causes multiple sclerosis and chronic fatigue syndrome and the long list goes on….

What Are the Types of Water to Choose from, Then?

Bottled Water
If you think that bottled water is the safest way to go, you’re wrong because studies revealed how 40 percent of for sale bottled water is actually taken from tap water, too. How is that?  Drinking from plastic is also unsafe due to bisphenol, a chemical hormone disruptor linked to learning and behavioral problems, prostate and breast cancer and altered immune system.

Distilled Water
Some people are misled due to thinking they could be safe for consuming distilled water, but they’re not. This type of water evaporated away from the dissolved minerals making it acidic and balancing its own by taking minerals from you instead. It also absorbs chemicals and pollutants from its container.

Tap Water
This is danger is every glass, although it is the convenient choice for many. It is contaminated with a host of bacteria you could think of and has so many pathogens in every drink; therefore, it could increase your family’s chances of getting sick in the end.  One chemical is arsenic. Most tap water sources in the world contain high, unsafe levels of it. In fact, the Natural Resources Defense Council revealed that people in 25 states in the US drink tap water containing high levels of arsenic.

Alkaline Water
This is by far the safest type of water to consume for you and the entire family, as it isn’t only pure but also balances your body’s pH level. In a nutshell, this works by detoxifying your body by reducing its acid content leading to a better immune system due to the improved overall cellular function.

How to Get Clean, Pure Water
If you want to benefit from consuming only pure and safe water, get the 6 Star Anion Energy Health Tube, a portable water filtration product that works anywhere and filters water and makes it alkalinized all the time when you need it.


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