Water Fasting

Disclaimer: This article is written for informational and referential purposes alone and the same should not be used in making a medical and health decision. Water fasting, without supervision, could be dangerous for your health. Therefore, you’re advised to consult your doctor prior to applying this method for yourself. Again, you should not use this article as sole basis when making a health decision.

Offering you the quickest means of harvesting the great therapeutic effects from a method used for health, water fasting is used by many, but of course not for everyone. Water fasting is known for its healing effects, and this method last for a couple of days.

Why Do Water Fasting?
It offers one of the best ways to heal and towards health, as it offer therapeutic effects without you having to settle for chemicals and other medical remedies to stay at the peak of your health. However, it may also be one of the most challenging things to do because you would need heavy preparation before water fast because you would be able to meet some difficulties in comfort level. Best thing to do, then, is to seek professional advice helping you determine if this is for you or not.

Water Fast At a Glance
–  Maintaining a zero caloric intake, water fasting is helping you flush out the toxins off your body, but only consuming it alone within the period of you fasting.
–  You should know that water fasting is not for all people, and although it may be good to detox this way, some people aren’t adaptable to applying it for themselves because:1) they have an underlying medical condition and 2) they may not be able to take the challenge of fasting with only water in their diet.
–  The level of discomfort to experience would depend on the level of toxins in your body, and the more you would feel if you have higher toxicity levels. This usually also happens if you did not prepare well for it. In this case, the symptoms to feel might even be frightening.
–  People using the water fast diet should consume up to two quarts of water per day, more preferably alkaline water. This type of water would help you not only in flushing out water but also in balancing the pH level in your body.
–  After three days in water fasting, your body will be under the spell of ketosis in which your body will begin to support itself by burning the fat cells as main fuel source.

Nevertheless, water fasting is beneficial for your health and that it can help you achieve optimal weight loss, especially if you would use alkaline water during the period. But never you should start with it without your doctor’s advised, go signal and supervision.


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