Weight Loss Detox Waters

alkaline_water_benefitsBurning fat through detoxification?  You’re making a great decision towards health for doing that especially if you were using detox waters. And if you were looking to find good combinations to make delicious, detoxifying waters, check out this post and learn more.

Losing Weight with Detox Waters

To feel and look healthier, they say that one of the best ways to do is to detox, and indeed, it proves true for the thousands of people who’ve already tried it.  A great method would be to consume six to eight glasses of water in 24 hours in order to keep your cells hydrated and your system well functional for the best health to achieve.

Now to make things fun and pleasant, you may spice up your regular alkaline water by creating some exciting recipes to enjoy drinking water MORE!

As you know, you can add some ingredients to water while still being able to flush out harmful toxins out your system.  And why detox waters?

They are popular due to the varieties to offer you with while keeping you on track with your weight loss goals, for instance. Some good ingredients to add to alkaline water are cucumber, mint, lemon or lime and ginger, among other healthy options.  Alternatively, you may choose your favorite melon or raspberries that also are healthy and delicious at the same time.

Fruit Detox Water

This is a delicious alternative for detox waters, as it can contain or made up with some of your delicious fruits filled with antioxidants.  You can opt for kiwis or strawberries, among other summer or in season fruits. Just chop your ingredients and add them into the water. Let this sit in the refrigerator for a few hours to seep before serving. This combination will help you flush out toxins while losing weight. You can drink half a gallon of this mixture in a day for optimal results.

Lemon or Lime Detox Water

Losing weight would be easy by opting for lemon or lime on your water. Any of these two contain high levels of antioxidants, which do not only flush out toxins but also aid in proper digestion and in losing weight due to high levels of vitamin C.  For a twist, make use of half a gallon of alkaline water, one-half slice of grapefruit, half a slice of cucumber, half a slice of lemon and half a slice of lime. To finish it up, add some mint leaves. For the best results, drink half a gallon of this detox water in one day.

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