Why Stop Drinking Bottled Water

For many, the convenient choice is getting bottled water, especially when they missed taking their own when traveling. But did you know it’s about high time you drop it?   Well, you should know by now that drinking water from plastic bottles could be more of harm than of a help for you. It’s time you drop this habit of drinking water in plastic bottles you could conveniently buy from the stores whenever you’re thirsty.

To decide better on whether you should or you should not, check on the following downsides of drinking bottled water.

Environmental Dangers
Twenty-six billion of water bottles are being thrown away every year and only about 15 percent of them are recycled. To add fuel to the fire, did you know that half of the water contained in each bottle is thrown and unconsumed, too? By now you could just imagine how much of these wastes are being filled into the landfills of earth. Well, more wastes mean more health danger, don’t you think?

Health Risks
Did you know that a majority of these bottles used for storing water contain phthalates and other chemicals that distort hormonal function, and sometimes causing testosterone disruption in men, too? Therefore, reusing such bottles would also get you closer to a myriad of diseases. To make things worse, did you know that such bottles also contained high levels of contaminants that are rated unsafe by health authorities?

These plastic bottles could stick around for a thousand years! Most people would throw it away after drinking, so in just a matter of seconds, you could imagine how many plastic bottles are being thrown and could be staying for many, many years on earth. They don’t make or leave good carbon footprint because they are non-biodegradable.  Even recycling efforts is not enough! In fact, downgrading plastic just leave leaches into the soil and watersheds making water even unsafe to drink. Could you imagine how many of these plastic bottles were downgraded and then their remains being absorbed in the soil and then going into the tap water most of us are drinking?



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